Horses and Yellowstone

 Signature Women’s Trip

June 9-15th


September 13-19

Discover Montana on horseback. This adventure offers a chance for accomplishment and relaxation, a week spent in rugged southwestern Montana. Enjoy the comfort of good food, log cabins and small town living with likeminded women.

-Get paired with a horse for the week and learn to ride in Big Sky country! Starting with basic skills and moving at your own pace learn to ride in the mountains of Montana forging a partnership on horseback as well as new friends at the days end.

- In the middle of the week enjoy a day of exploring Yellowstone Park seeing all of the beauty the Park has to offer with a picnic lunch and various small hikes in the surrounding area.

*All women’s trips are in a group setting we stay in a house together and are encouraged to share bedrooms if requested and possible with numbers guests can opt to stay in their own room for an additional cost, though we encourage spending the week together and most say it is more fun.

*All food is included with the exception of morning pick-up and two dinners which we encourage ladies to go into town and try local cuisine and experience the night festivities of the towns. Food is crafted by a private chef, healthy and we try to incorporate samples of the local diet. We tailor each menu at the request of members in the group.

*Group sizes range from 6-12, because Bigger Skies is a small company we strive to commit to small numbers for every trip. Group travel and trips are different from Private or Custom trips.

*no alcoholic beverages are included; there will be time throughout the trip where this can be purchased.

How to know if this trip is for you…

-ready to learn something new

-knowing you achieve only as much as you want

-not allergic to horses

-ok with group living arrangements

-excited to be in a small town

-seeing new landscapes from different perspectives

-understand you are working with a large animal

*there are weight requirement s for horses, the max weight is 235 pounds

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