South Africa, Africa

Signature Trip


Adventure through the South African landscape and discover its natural beauty, wildlife, and culture while learning about its rugged and rich past. Bigger Skies offers a variety of dynamic and unforgettable activities for anyone looking to explore South Africa. Wake up to an exotic sunrise, and wildlife all around you, watch a family of elephants and giraffes roam while lions wait in the distance. Whatever you envision your trip to South Africa to be; Bigger Skies will help accommodate you to best meet your trip desires.

Bigger Skies Activities in South Africa…

-Wildlife Safaris

-Rock Climbing, trekking and backpacking

-Whitewater rafting


-Horseback ride safaris

-Vineyard Tours

-Visit Kruger National Park

-Bush Walks

Trips in South Africa are rich with adventure and culture. There are a variety of different itineraries Bigger Skies can make from safaris, adventure sports, to a drive down the Cape into Cape Town for a trip through wine country. Whatever your desires Bigger Skies is willing to work to bring your South African trips life.

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