Namibia, Africa

 Signature Trip


If you consider African standards big, Namibia trumps all of Africa with its vast African skies, and one of the lowest population densities in the world at just two million. Namibia is adventure, offering experiences impossible to have in other African nations.

A few Namibia Adventures to choose from…

-Track cheetah and wild dog on foot

- Track the desert-adapted elephant

- Interact with the last traditional nomadic people in Southern Africa, the Himba,

-Visit the timeless land rich in natural and human history, including stone-age rock art, a petrified forest more than 280 million years old.

-View unique wildlife adapted to survive its harsh deserts

- Hike the enormous sand dunes of Sossusvlei

-Visit Etosha National Park, home of the largest mammals in Africa, and the famed Salt pan

- Kayak down the boarder of South Africa and Namibia down the Orange River in the heart of diamond country.

-Riding horses through the vest Namib deserts.

-Explore diamond country and an old town being swallowed by time, sand and wind.

However one chooses to spend time in Namibia it is one of the most unique countries in Africa an adventure hear is worth it! Trips in Namibia are rich with adventure and culture. There are a variety of different itineraries Bigger Skies can make from safaris, adventure sports, to trekking up dunes.

Whatever your desires Bigger Skies is willing to work to bring your Namibia trip to life.

*a extended trip to Cape Town is possible on a Namibia itinerary


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