Signature Trip


Montana is Big Sky Country and home to Bigger Skies – journey through Montana the way few see it.

Experience Montana landscapes that take your breath away in a place where the cows and sheep out number people and the natural world dominates the expanse. Explore Montana from valleys to mountains, visiting hot springs, ranches, and rivers. Bigger Skies takes you through Montana in a way no other company does.

Montana Adventures…

-Horseback riding (multiday, overnight, western lessons and day rides)

-Mountain Biking

-Hiking and climbing

-Exploring Yellowstone Park (can also be an overnight on horseback or by foot)

-Whitewater kayaking rafting or Stand up paddle board the Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin or Yellowstone Rivers


-Skiing (limited availability and time)

*There are weight restrictions for whitewater and Horseback activities.

*Healthy, local food is crafted by a private chef. We tailor each menu to the request of members in the group.

*Group sizes range from 6-12. Bigger Skies strives to keep group sizes small as a commitment to more personalized individual experiences on our trips.

 Group travel and trips are different from Private or Custom trips.

*No alcoholic beverages are included; there will be time throughout the trip where these can be purchased.


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