Bigger Skies is a boutique travel company providing safe,

personalized, and immersive travel experiences.

Whether climbing mountains, paddling rivers, riding horses

across valleys, or trekking through gorges,

Bigger Skies brings a personal touch specific to each guest’s expectations.


After participating in active and engaging outdoor adventures in unique settings,

exploration will become a lifestyle guests will choose

to continue long after traveling with Bigger Skies.


About Brenna


Brenna Kelleher grew up in Big Sky, Montana enjoying the unique opportunities of a small outdoor- oriented community. She traveled the world while studying with Adventure Quest Academy during high school, trekking over 300 miles in Nepal with her high school textbooks in her backpack and having classes in the Himalayas each day. After high school, she returned home to study at Montana State University where she received a B.A Degree in English Literature. In addition to earning her pilot’s license, Brenna continued to follow her passions post college, working as a summer wrangler in Yellowstone Park, and teaching and guiding skiing at Big Sky Resort in the winter. During the falls she spent time working for the Traveling School in Africa teaching and guiding students through diverse landscapes and various cultures.

Brenna is a strong outdoor educator, teaching students technical outdoor skills from skiing to kayaking, and helping them understand outdoor and leadership safety. Brenna is also a World Champion kayaker and kayak instructor for Wave Train Kayak Team, a youth paddling program. After years of competitive kayaking in Canada, Europe and the U.S, Brenna now finds solitude on the river with friends and family during her free time. Brenna has extensive experience traveling abroad in numerous developing countries from her kayaking, trekking, studying, and personal endeavors through Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Latin America and Southeast Asia.



Team leader in Tibet, Bhutan, China, and Nepal

Jed Weingarten is a professional photographer, expedition kayaker, and guide, specializing in Tibetan regions. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, and Outside magazine in addition to many other publications and exhibits. He currently focuses on photographing rare wildlife in China and the greater Himalayan ranges. He also guides custom trips to remote, seldom visited areas, and has been working with Columbia University to help promote sustainable ecotourism in Tibetan areas of China.

Jed is also a founding partner in Wild Wonders of China, a photo-driven conservation initiative that seeks to reveal China’s wild places and animals to the world. You can see some of his photography work at



River, horse, and international guide.

Following her passion for travel and outdoor recreation, Whitney has been leading international trips since 1994. She has led adult trips and educational semesters in South, Central and North America, Southern Africa, and Asia. Whitney relishes the adventure of exploring new places and loves the deepening experience of returning to favorite destinations time after time.

First traveling to the Himalayas in 1993, the mountains, rivers and people of the region have been close to her heart ever since. After many years of living a nomadic lifestyle, Whitney moved to Bozeman in 2009. In 2011, she embarked on the adventure of motherhood, and has loved the experience of sharing travel and the outdoors with her partner Jed and her daughter Kaia.